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Fireshield - Poplar Plywood

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A panel modified through an innovative ply-to-ply process that gives it exceptional flame retardant properties.  Unlike other treatments, it properties remain intact when working or sanding the panels.

Cores and faces made of poplar from controlled and sustainable European plantations.  Lightweight, surface quality, easy-to-machine and easy-to-transport.

Product information



  • 2440 x 1220

  • 3100 x 1220 size to order, in due course 

Glue Types, Grades & EN Standards

Glue Type:

  • Class 1 (EN314-2)


  • Faces grades B/BB/C

EN Standards:

Over 6mm:

  • PEFC Fireshield FR Euro Class B-s1 d0, Spanish Poplar Plywood, E1, EN636-1NS, CE4 EN13986

6mm & Under:

  • PEFC Fireshield FR Euro Class B-s2 d0, Spanish Poplar plywood, E1, EN636-1NS, CE4 EN13986

Applications & Uses

The specifications have been designed to be used in public places, trains, ships, furniture and construction or decorative elements.
This product meets current regulations in force.  It is classified as B-s1-d0 according to EN13501.  Always check the suitability and refer to the certification before use.  Fireshield has been tested to other standards obtaining the following classifications:

  • Class M1 according to NF P 92-501:1995

  • Class F1 according to NF F 16-101

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